Over 30 Years of Experience

Our offices were founded in 1986 by Dr. Santiago Rodríguez Adánez. His professional excellence and his passion for offering the best treatment to his patients facilitated the growth and solidity of our offices.

Here at Robladen, we are constantly incorporating new procedures and the latest technological innovations in dentistry, allowing us to offer you the best treatment. Our professional and experienced team shares a common philosophy and a trust in which our goal is the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our patients.

It is very important to us that our patients receive excellent oral care from our trusted team of professionals.

Our philosophy

We are a family business whose number one goal is the satisfaction of our patients. We value and apply principles of integrity, honesty, quality, responsibility to all aspects of our work.

We offer treatments with the use of top quality materials, always maintaining our professional ethics in order to offer our patients solutions to their oral problems.

Our professionals continuously undergo training in updated techniques which allows us to analyze each patient’s individual case, offering a solution with the best available treatment.